Since his passing, much thinking has been done about ways of commemorating the legacy of Dr. Patrick Joseph Dineen.  Inspiration for this foundation originally came from the kind gesture of the 2010-2011 Bantam A ice hockey team coached by Patrick Jr.  The team raised and donated money to a local cancer center and put the donation in honor and memory of Dr. Dineen.  With that initial event, along with the efforts and support of many great people, this foundation has finally come to fruition.

Special thanks to the following people for taking this idea and transforming it into an established corporation:

Rusty Banks, J.D., Board of Director, for all of his efforts that went into filing this foundation with the state of New York and for all of your work for this foundation to become an established corporation.

Anthony Bernardo, Board of Director, for all of his time and effort into making this foundation what it is today, as well as your faith in the foundation and believing that the sky is the limit.

Jason Roffi, who created the logo for the foundation.  Thank you for his hours of work and research into making every detail of the logo as precise as Dr. Dineen’s beloved, real life ’55 Chevy.

Mike Monti, who put in the hours of effort necessary into creating this web site.

Buzzy Deschamps for getting the wheels in motion for this foundation and for his constant support, endless effort to help, and for the many ideas you bring forward.

*please note that this is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit foundation